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Cooper Bone and Joint Institute Has a Full Spectrum of Orthopaedic Services, from Diagnosis Through Rehabilitation

Dr. Lawrence Miller, Director, Cooper Bone and Joint Institute

Last spring, Cooper launched South Jersey’s only comprehensive, multidisciplinary musculoskeletal program.

With the integration of Orthopaedics and Rheumatology, Cooper has become one of the only health systems in the region to offer comprehensive musculoskeletal services within one practice, offering patients a coordinated, multidisciplinary care model at an academic institution.

“This is important for the community because patients can receive seamless musculoskeletal care,” says Dr. Lawrence Miller, Director, Cooper Bone and Joint Institute. “Orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists, podiatrists and therapists work together daily to reach a shared goal – getting you back from pain or injury to living your life.”

This innovative model allows medical and surgical specialists, nurse practitioners and therapists to work together in a team environment. Rheumatologists and joint replacement surgeons can collaborate to find the best treatment plan for a patient with joint disease, while sports medicine specialists can work directly with therapists to create a custom exercise plan for an injured athlete.

“Our patients can expect to receive the full continuum of musculoskeletal care,” says Dr. Sharon Kolasinski, Head, Division of Rheumatology, “from the prevention and diagnosis of degenerative joint disease or injury, to the latest surgical and non-surgical treatment options, to rehabilitation and ongoing wellness.”

The Cooper Bone and Joint Institute Voorhees office, located at 900 Centennial Boulevard, expanded to include the entire breadth of musculoskeletal services. “The expansion of our largest suburban office keeps the best interests of our patients in mind,” says Dr. Miller. “By consolidating and integrating our services into one location, Cooper makes it more convenient for patients suffering from limited mobility and chronic pain to receive care.”

In addition to the Voorhees office, the Bone and Joint Institute offers world-class orthopaedic, rheumatologic, podiatric and/or therapeutic care at 14 locations throughout South Jersey and in Newtown Square, PA.