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“Donating to The Cooper Foundation is our way of thanking the Cooper Team for saving our son David’s life”

Cooper Foundation Story Datz

In May of 2021, our world was upended when our son David was rushed to a local ER in an altered mental state. He was acting confused and disoriented and, after a brain scan, was transferred to the Neuro ICU at Cooper University Health Care.

Many of our family and friends were concerned about David’s situation and some even suggested that we go to a Philadelphia hospital for treatment. 

However, David’s doctors at Cooper showed such determination in pinpointing a diagnosis, that we fully trusted their treatment plan. After a week of scans and discussions with the hospital’s Tumor Board, David’s doctors were able to obtain some slivers of an intraventricular tumor by the pineal gland. Our son was then able to receive radiation treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper.

It was a long 10 days but our prayers were answered. We feel so fortunate to have had a positive outcome. The experience brought our family closer. 

David is getting married in August 2024 and it’s thanks to Cooper.

As we look ahead to David’s upcoming wedding, we are reminded of the compassion that was shown to our family by the Cooper Team. From the hospital parking attendant, to the ICU nurses, to those who performed David’s surgery – every bit of kindness was appreciated.

Our decision to donate to The Cooper Foundation is our way of thanking the Cooper Team for saving our son’s life.

David’s doctors, including Dr. Alan Turtz, were great with their communication particularly when explaining our options for David’s treatment and special mention should go to the ICU nurses for their positive attitude, patience and calmness on surgery day.

Dave and Sue Datz