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Featured Donor: Charlie Foulke, Jr.


Charlie Foulke, Jr. and Cherry Hill Councilman John Amato at the 2013 Jim Fifis Lung Cancer Research Fund Dinner

Charlie Foulke, Jr. got his start selling cars as a lot boy for a used-car dealership when he returned from the Korean War.

Today, he owns Cherry Hill Triplex, a car dealership with 10 locations and 15 franchises throughout South Jersey.

He is also a generous Cooper supporter and a Premiere Sponsor of the Jim Fifis Lung Cancer Research Dinner on Sept. 23 at Ponzio’s.

“I’ve been very fortunate,” said Foulke. “When you make it, you give some of it back.”

Foulke was born at Cooper in 1931. He was raised in the Cramer Hill section of Camden by his grandparents who had 12 children.

As a young man, he joined the military and served in the Korean War. The war took its toll, and when he returned home Foulke says he was “off balance” and began drinking.

That’s when his uncle stepped in and got him the job at the used car dealership.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Foulke’s ties to Cooper run deep. His two children were also born at Cooper, and the hospital has always taken good care of him, he said.

“Whenever I have a problem, they are always there,” Foulke said. “But it’s not just a hospital. Look at how it’s growing.”

As an example, Foulke pointed to the MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper where his long-time friend and Cherry Hill Councilman John Amato is receiving treatment.

“John says they’re taking excellent care of him,” said Foulke, who has known Amato for more than 40 years. “We have a lot of fun busting on each other. Make sure you put in the article that I’m better looking than him.”

After a recent admission himself, Foulke said he was treated “like the President of the United States.”

“Everybody was great,” he said. “And I sold some cars while I was there.”