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Featured Donor Story: Dr. Edward and Mrs. Bernice Deal

From Left to Right: Tim & Katie Deal, Dr. Edward & Bernice Deal and Genevieve & Todd Peto.
From Left to Right: Tim & Katie Deal, Dr. Edward & Bernice Deal and Genevieve & Todd Peto. 

Cooper University Health Care is near and dear to Edward R. Deal, DO, and his wife, Bernice. Not only is Dr. Deal vice chairman of the Department of Anesthesiology, but also Bernice was treated for gynecological cancer at Cooper.

Today, Bernice is cancer free, but she will always remember the care she received and will never forget the day she heard another patient worrying about how she was going to pay for chemotherapy.

“That got me on my mission to find some way to help people who can’t afford it,” said Bernice.

Bernice and her husband give generously every year to the Patient-In-Need Fund, which provides small grants to MD Anderson Cooper patients who need help paying for prescriptions, transportation, utility bills and food.

They also support the Cooper Red Hot Gala, Pink Roses Teal Magnolias, and the Cornerstone Society, and regularly donate toys for the Johnny M Playroom at Children’s Regional Hospital at Cooper.

Bernice said they are especially excited about the 2016 Red Hot Gala, benefiting the Children’s Regional Hospital at Cooper.

“I plan to be extra generous this year,” said Bernice, who appreciates that when she gives to Cooper she knows the money will go directly to helping patients and families locally.

It is important to remember, Bernice said, that regardless of your circumstances in life, there is always going to be someone less fortunate than you.

“My husband and I work hard, but we are blessed,” she said. “It is in our hearts to give because there are so may people in need.”