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Foundation Faces – Olivia Burghardt

Cooper Foundation Olivia Burghardt Intern

Welcome back to “Foundation Faces”! Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Olivia Burghardt, our newest Marketing Intern hire. Olivia joins us as a junior from Fairfield University, where she is studying Marketing and Business Analytics. With her fresh perspective and passion for innovation, Olivia is already making a positive impact. Get to know Olivia and learn about her journey, her aspirations, and how she’s contributing to The Cooper Foundation.

What drew you to the foundation initially and what brings you back each day?

“I went to high school in the area and volunteered for many outreach programs that benefited the Camden community. Giving back and seeing other people’s lives be positively impacted by something I helped with is very fulfilling for me. Once I started to work here, the foundation felt like the backbone to all the extraordinary things Cooper is able to achieve in the community and within the medical field.”

What is most rewarding about working at the Foundation for you?

“The most rewarding thing for me is ending my day knowing that no matter what project I was working on, the end result will positively impact many lives.”

What advice can you offer to anyone that has an interest in getting into philanthropy or non-profit work?

“I would advise them to get involved one way or another. Being involved in philanthropy has really given me an appreciation for how much people care about the well-being of their community. To me, that is a feeling everyone should experience at some point.”

Who or what inspires you?

“I am inspired by my family members and friends that have suffered through cancer or had prolonged hospital stays. When I look at the work Cooper Foundation does to raise awareness and funds for all the different areas in medicine, I think about the people and their families who will all be affected.”

Describe your perfect day off.

“My perfect day off would be spending the day at the beach with my family. It has always been my happy place and a way to relax and get some sunshine.”

Olivia’s passion for giving back and her dedication to making a difference shine through in every aspect of her work. We’re excited to have her as part of our team and look forward to the positive impact she’ll continue to make at The Cooper Foundation. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from behind the scenes!