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From Skiing to Tennis to Break Dancing, Cooper Bone and Joint Keeps Graham Going

Steve Graham

As a successful business man, 55-year-old Steve Graham believes in maintaining a sound mind and sound body. That positive energy has translated into his work as the Founder and Senior Managing Principal of Graham Partners, a private investment firm in Newtown Square, PA.

In college, Steve was a three-sport varsity athlete in downhill ski racing, tennis, and track & field. Today, he stays active skiing with his children, playing tennis and break dancing – a hobby he discovered as a young professional in the early 1980’s, when he worked at Goldman Sachs & Co. in New York City.

“At my age, I want to continue to retain my physical vitality,” said Graham, a longtime patient of Dr. Lawrence Miller, Director of the Cooper Bone and Joint Institute. “Larry and Cooper have enabled me to retain that vitality, which is a very important aspect of my life.”

In fact, Steve credits Dr. Miller and his team at the Cooper Bone and Joint Institute for allowing him, his family and friends to stay in shape.

In 1999, Dr. Miller performed a procedure on Steve’s right elbow, removing some of his elbow’s synovial lining, a common injury among baseball pitchers and tennis players. Steve also had shoulder damage from an old skiing racing fall which required an extensive shoulder procedure in 2008. While break dancing is incredible exercise, it does put some stress on the body. Steve has had procedures done on his back and has received injections in his knees to allow him to continue to spin in the air and on the dance floor. Click here to see a video of Steve (aka ‘Bboy Silverback’) in action.

“I see Larry at least six times a year. He’s generally been keeping me together,” Graham said. “Larry has a great bedside manner, is incredibly knowledgeable and is also very conservative. He is not inclined to rush to perform a surgical procedure without considering all of the options, with physical training and therapy first.”

Graham, a member of the Cooper Red Hot Gala Host Committee, and a generous financial supporter of the Cooper Bone and Joint Institute, said he is inspired to give back because of Dr. Miller and his team’s commitment to providing a top-notch orthopaedic program and Cooper’s tremendous service to revitalize the Camden area.

“I’m a big believer in Larry and his entire team,” Graham said.