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Getting patients moving with the Johns Hopkins Activity & Mobility Program!

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At Cooper University Health Care, we are constantly vigilant about the safety of our patients, continuously exploring new ways to improve our care and the overall hospital experience.

Earlier this year, Cooper team members were participants in mobility advocate training by their peers from Johns Hopkins as part of the #everyBODYmoves campaign. The goal of the program is to break a cycle of deconditioning patients while hospitalized and preventing the occurrence of hospital-acquired conditions and infections.

The Johns Hopkins Activity and Mobility Promotion (JH-AMP)™ provides a systematic approach to combating the harms of immobility in the hospital. Patients who lie in hospital beds for long periods of time can lose the ability to stand or walk confidently or with ease. Setting daily mobility goals for patients who are in the hospital — from sitting up, to sitting on the edge of the bed, to moving to a chair, to walking a certain number of steps — has shown to improve patient outcomes and reduce complications and readmissions.

Help us get our patients moving!

To implement the Johns Hopkins Activity & Mobility process across our hospital system takes careful planning, consistent application and new mobility equipment deployed in all areas involved with in-patient care.

You gift can help us move this program forward today and be part of improving the healing of patients throughout the Cooper community.