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$25 = One backpack filled with school supplies!

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Help Camden students start the school year right!

Every year we team up to provide students at KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy (KCNA) schools in Camden, NJ with a new backpack filled with school supplies.

  • Cooper employees and the community donate funds 
  • Guided by teachers, The Cooper Foundation orders backpacks and supplies
  • Backpacks are shipped directly to the four KCNA schools
  • Students receive their new backpacks on the first day of school

Although $25 = 1 Backpack, thoughtful gifts of all sizes help and are appreciated!

Whether you choose to organize your coworkers and collect money as a group, or make an individual donation, your kindness will make an impact.

An annual tradition since 2017, the Cooper Team has been the driving force behind Operation Back to School. Thanks to our generous employees and the community, The Cooper Foundation has donated many thousands of brand new backpacks to Camden students.

Operation Back to School is more than just new pencils and paper.

Building a brighter future for our community begins with nurturing the young people of today. When you give to the program, you are ensuring that the children in the Cooper community have equal opportunities for success. 

$25 provides a new backpack filled with supplies for a student

$50 provides a new backpack filled with supplies for two students

$100 provides a new backpack filled with supplies for four students

Your gift in any amount will help a student thrive this academic year!