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Judy Heuisler’s Charitable Chance Turns into Family’s Fortune

Every year, Pink Roses Teal Magnolias Host Committee and Women’s Board member Judy Heuisler solicits support for Cooper’s signature breast and gynecological cancer awareness event and purchases raffles for two United Airline tickets for her family and their spouses. After four years and countless tickets, this was her lucky year!

“My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, so it is encouraging to be involved with Pink and Teal because it is such a wonderful event and so well-done,” Judy said. Sharing the tickets with her family has become a tradition and Heuisler’s way of giving back.

This year, Judy purchased a total of 36 tickets and decided to buy a ticket for everyone in her family, including the winning ticket for her son-in-law, Tom McCabe.

“Initially, I was surprised that such an early ticket was the winner, I was submitting tickets from August up to the day of the event,” Judy added.
Tom plans to tour Alaska with his family with the winning airline tickets.

“I was very surprised because I never won a drawing or raffle before,” Tom shared. “Two great prizes came out of this – winning the airline raffle tickets and my wife, who was born at Cooper.”

This year’s airline raffle ticket sales were significant, raising $19,000 in support of breast and gynecologic cancer. United Airlines donated the airline tickets. The Annual Pink Roses Teal Magnolias event is not only an opportunity for breast and gynecologic cancer survivors to celebrate with family and friends, but also a chance for the community to support these women in their struggles against cancer and raise awareness for the cause.

The success of Pink and Teal would not be possible without the support of friends, families and the community.
Judy encourages others to support an event that stands for such a worthy cause. She is more than lucky because the event itself has been a motivation for her, and proves the gift of giving can go a long way.

After all, they say you cannot find luck if you don’t take chances.