Showing Your Appreciation

How do you say “thank you” to a physician whose care has changed your life?

Every March 30th, National Doctors’ Day is that chance to show appreciation and gratitude. Please make a donation to The Cooper Foundation to thank a Cooper physician for their excellent work and take the opportunity to extend a personal note of appreciation with your gift.

If you prefer to donate via mail or fax, please click here for a printable form.

Hear First Hand from Our Physicians

From managing the pandemic, to guiding us through a return to normalcy, to boldly accepting the challenges of health crises now and beyond, Cooper University Health Care’s physicians remain the collective backbone for health and patient care in South Jersey.

Get to know our physicians - learn what drives them, their journey to become a physician and hear their personal stories.

Show your appreciation to Dr. Susan Friedler and the great physicians at Cooper University Health Care by donating to The Cooper Foundation for National Doctors' Day.

National Doctors' Day - A Historical Healthcare Primer of Providers

Every March 30 is a celebration of National Doctors’ Day, a day of observance set aside to thank and appreciate physicians who save our lives and safeguard our health. 

Please keep visiting our blog every Thursday in March to learn:

  • The history of National Doctors' Day
  • How we celebrate National Doctors' Day at The Cooper Foundation and Cooper University Healthcare
  • The long road of education and training in becoming a physician
  • Ways you can make your doctor's day on Doctors' Day
  • Feelings of warmth and appreciation from physicians on National Doctors' Day 

Showing Gratitude When It's Needed Most

Thankful Patient
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Grateful Patient Quote