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NJ Spotlight: KIPP Network’s ‘Renaissance School’ Builds on First Year of Operations in Camden

kipp school camden

Photo Source: NJ Spotlight

| MARCH 30, 2015

The KIPP-Cooper-Norcross School is now just a nondescript collection of portable classrooms located in the shadows of Camden’s downtown Cooper Health complex.

But in four steel-framed classrooms that are more utilitarian than aesthetic, 105 kindergarteners in blue uniform shirts represent the first class of this hybrid charter school, which could potentially help transform the city’s troubled public schools.

At least that’s the Christie administration’s plan.

The district’s state-appointed superintendent, Paymon Rouhanifard, last week announced that next year he will turn over control of five of the district’s lowest-performing schools to operators of the district’s fledgling “renaissance schools,” a form of charter schools with both greater resources and greater accountability.

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