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Q&A with Pink & Teal Hero: Bonnie Mehr

Bonnie Mehr is the Director of Integrative Oncology Services and Director of the Dr. Diane Barton Complementary Medicine Program at MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper.

Bonnie is a familiar and friendly face to many patients as she coordinates complementary therapies focused on the mind, body and spirit. She is also the editor of the Survivor Times, a quarterly publication for patients and survivors.


Why did you decide to pursue a career in Healthcare?
A career in healthcare wasn’t my original career plan, but providing support to people when they need it the most has become my passion. This led to the creation of the Dr. Diane Barton Complementary Medicine Program. The program was started to honor the memory of my dear friend, Dr. Diane Barton, and in the 16 years since its inception, the program has helped thousands of survivors through their cancer journeys. In a way, healthcare found me – and I could not be more grateful!

What do you like most about your position at Cooper?
I like that no two days are the same! I get to develop creative and unique programming that has a positive effect on a patient’s experience. I meet with cancer patients and survivors daily and I am always humbled and inspired by their grace, humor, hope, and individual stories. If in some small way, I did something through my position to enhance one patient’s day, then it was a day well spent.

What inspires you?
A random act of kindness inspires me. Because it can really change another person’s day. I’m also inspired when a patient rings the bell in infusion that signifies their chemo treatment is completed. It celebrates the end of a hard, courageous journey!

Do you have a personal motto or philosophy?
“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them FEEL.” – Maya Angelou

What three words best describe you?
Intuitive, trustworthy, compassionate

Why should people support Pink and Teal?
Pink and Teal is a South Jersey movement that is committed to raising funds for breast and gynecologic cancers. All the funds raised through Pink and Teal stay local, right here at MD Anderson Cancer Center Cooper.

Pink and Teal has helped the Dr. Diane Barton Complementary Medicine Program fund a variety of special programs that help bring comfort to patients receiving cancer treatment. Our patients are extremely appreciative of the program’s reflexology and hand massage by the chairside in Camden and Voorhees infusion units – they say that these services make a positive difference in the quality of their day.

Congratulations Pink & Teal on your 10 year anniversary! To Susan Bass Levin and everyone involved in the planning and fundraising committees for the success of the event – you are heroes for your relentless passion and commitment to this cause!

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