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Summer Program at Cooper University Hospital Introduces High School Students to Health Care Professions

This summer, 20 Camden high school students are receiving an opportunity to work and learn about health care professions as part of Cooper University Health Care’s Summer Youth Employment and Mentorship Program.

PhotoGrid_1469205524555During the six-week program, which will run through Friday, August 19, students work between 12-20 hours per week in various departments at Cooper. Each student is been paired with a department based on their career interest and have the opportunity to interact with clinical staff, including doctors, nurses and technicians, and administrative staff.
This year, four students are participating in a new program, medical coding. Student medical coders are introduced to opportunities in all aspects of hospital medical coding careers and the specifics of utilizing coding standards including ICD-10 Diagnosis and Procedure coding and CPT-4 Procedure coding. Experienced coders will mentor students one-on-one, and additional group learning sessions with Hospital Leadership will be integrated to review careers in coding and how to pursue coding credentials.

Over the course of the six weeks, educational sessions encourage students to consider a career in healthcare. The first session featured two Cooper Medical School of Rowan University students who shared their first experiences and how they prepared for medical school. Students will also hear from human resources on tips for writing a resume, applying for jobs, and interviewing; college admissions officers, and others employed in healthcare.