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The Cooper Foundation’s Featured Fund of the Month

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February 2023: The Cooper Heart Institute

It’s Valentine’s Day!

Today, you’ll be inundated with visions of flowers, cards, candy, and the air is pungent with love “everywhere you look around,” to quote John Paul Young.

We all know the most prevalent image today will be the heart. First, because of the day, and second, because February is American Heart Month.

While they are all-encompassing symbols, the hearts we see today will differ from those our Cooper physicians deal with. Their symbolism of love still bears special meaning to The Cooper Foundation, as there’s no better time to show love to our Featured Fund of the Month: The Cooper Heart Institute.

The Cooper Heart Institute is South Jersey’s most comprehensive and advanced cardiac care center, loaded with nationally recognized and world-renowned cardiovascular experts. It’s host to state-of-the-art diagnostic testing, management, and treatment of the gamut of heart conditions and diseases.

The institute has also become the enhanced product of a joint venture between Cooper University Health Care and Inspira Health Network to coordinate and complement the compassionate, inclusive, and excellent standard of cardiac care all throughout the region.

Throughout the month of February, the Cooper Inspira Partnership has sought to raise awareness toward preventative measures in heart disease by promoting heart-healthy habits such as, quitting smoking, engaging in regular physical activity, managing cholesterol and blood pressure, and maintaining a healthy weight to reduce risk factors for the number-one cause of death in the United States.

Please consider making a Valentine’s Day gift today, in the form of a donation, to The Cooper Heart Institute and support them in their labor of love.