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What is National Doctors’ Day?

Med students at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University are training to become some of the many physicians that we at The Cooper Foundation celebrate every March 30 on National Doctors' Day

Throughout the year, almost everyone needs medical attention from a physician. Some of that attention might save us from pains now, some might save us from complications later, and well… some might just save our lives.

The duty of physicians to provide care to the best of their abilities at all times is not a light one.

We celebrate National Doctors’ Day every year on March 30 as a chance for untold millions of Americans to give thanks and show appreciation for physicians who’ve exercised their duty to provide such medical attention, from the routine to the miraculous.

Eudora Brown-Almond, founder of National Doctors' Day in 1933
Mrs. Eudora Brown Almond, founder of National Doctors’ Day in 1933 (Photo credit: Wilmington StarNews)

Founded in 1933, National Doctors’ Day was thought up by Eudora Brown Almond, the wife of family physician Dr. Charles B. Almond. Using the anniversary of the first successful use of general anesthesia, March 30, 1842, Mrs. Almond chose this date to honor physicians for their efforts to provide care to the masses.

Fast-forward to October 1990, and National Doctors’ Day was declared law by Senate Joint Resolution 366, and double-stamped by George H.W. Bush in February 1991.

People originally observed Doctors’ Day by placing flowers on the graves of beloved physicians who had passed away and has since adopted the red carnation as the day’s official symbol to represent the love, charity, sacrifice, bravery, and courage displayed by physicians in the healthcare field.

Following the worst days of a halting and haunting global pandemic, continuing through a period of alert diligence, and marching into an unknown future, we celebrate 90 years of National Doctors’ Day with a renewed appreciation for physicians executing their duties for humankind.

National Doctors' Day 2023 is meant to honor physicians nationwide, including our esteemed physicians at Cooper University Health Care's Cooper Heart Institute.
Esteemed physicians with Cooper University Health Care’s Heart Institute

From managing the pandemic, to guiding us through a return to normalcy, to boldly accepting the challenges of health delivery now and beyond, Cooper University Health Care’s physicians remain the collective backbone for health and patient care in South Jersey. Please consider making a donation here in honor of a Cooper physician to celebrate National Doctors’ Day.