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Your Gifts at Work in the Fight Against Breast and Gynecological Cancer

When you give to the Pink Roses Teal Magnolias fund, you support real women in their struggles against cancer. You provide funding to innovative research which results in better treatments and brings us closer to discovering a cure. Here are some of the important Cooper Cancer Institute initiatives that were supported by the proceeds from the 2010 Pink Roses Teal Magnolias Brunch:

 The Patient in Need Fund

The Patient in Need Fund provides small grants to Cooper Cancer Institute patients who need help paying for co-pays, prescriptions, transportation, utility bills, and food. When all other sources of support have been exhausted, the Patient in Need Fund is there for Cooper cancer patients.

 The Link Between Gynecological Cancer and Genetics

Dr. Barry Barnoski is leading a study analyzing the genetic codes of current gynecological cancer patients to see if PTEN, a powerful tumor-suppressing gene, has been deleted from their chromosomes. Barnoski and his researchers hope the study will help them develop more accurate, genetically nuanced systems for classifying and treating gynecological cancer patients.  

Evaluating CyberKnife: Precision, Non-Invasive Breast Cancer Treatment

Dr. Tamara LaCouture and her research team are testing the CyberKnife technology. Non-invasive radiation beams used to treat breast tumors can sometimes damage healthy breast tissue around the tumor. CyberKnife uses a sophisticated marker-and-target system to dramatically increase the radiation beam’s accuracy and reduce damage to adjacent breast tissue. Dr. LaCouture is evaluating how breathing movement and other variables affect CyberKnife’s performance. 

Through these and other Cooper Cancer Institute initiatives, your contribution to the Pink Roses Teal Magnolias Brunch is making a real difference.

Thank you from all of us at Cooper Cancer Institute!